St. Matthews Church | Nathia Gali | سینٹ میتھیوز چرچ

Posted on February 16, 2023

سینٹ میتھیوز چرچ

Yet another place of worship built over a century ago, St. Matthew’s Church in the scenic hill station of Nathia Gali in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is certainly one of the most beautiful churches in Pakistan. Surrounded by tall spruce trees against the backdrop of mesmerizing green mountains, which get completely covered in snow during the winter months, this picturesque church will leave you in awe with its spellbinding beauty.

The church, which is almost entirely made out of cedarwood, was also built during the British reign. However, it is still active and can be reached after a small hike from the main Nathia Gali market area. That’s where most hotels and restaurants are located.

Moreover, the church is next to Paradise Point. It’s a famous picnic spot with several rides for children and a number of canteens for light refreshment. There are usually a lot of horses available in the area, meant for visitors to ride for a small fee.

The quaint St. Matthew’s Church is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the area.