Sialkot Fort | سیالکوٹ کا قلعہ

Posted on January 26, 2023

سیالکوٹ کا قلعہ

Sialkot Fort is one of the oldest forts in Pakistan. The city of Sialkot, which is one of the oldest cities of Pakistan, has historical significance due to the fort. Historian Diayas Jee has stated that Raja Sálbán re-established Sialkot city around the 2nd century CE. and ruled over the area between the rivers Ravi and Chenab. Sálbán built the Sialkot Fort in two years (which, at the time, had double walls) for the defense of the city. Raja Sálbán, supposedly, used more than 10,000 laborers and masons for the repair and extension of the Fort with stone slabs and rocks which were brought to the location from Lahore.