Princess of Hope | پرنسز آف ہوپ (امید کی رانی)

Posted on November 22, 2022
Princess of Hope | پرنسز آف ہوپ (امید کی رانی)

پرنسز آف ہوپ (امید کی رانی)
The Princess of Hope is a natural rock formation in Pakistan of the type known as a hoodoo or “fairy chimney” and which could fancifully be construed as resembling a crowned and skirted female figure looking toward the horizon. It is situated approximately 190 km from the financial hub of Karachi, Pakistan and approximately 717 km from the provincial capital, Quetta The curiously shaped rock pinnacle is located in the Hingol National Park in the Lasbela District of the province of Balochistan, the mountainous landscape of which is riven with picturesque gorges and features unusual formations of mud and rock, shaped into their present forms by the forces of erosion. Lasbela District forms part of the coastal strip known as the Makran, which also takes in certain coastal regions of Iran. The formation was given the name Princess of Hope by Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie, who visited Pakistan – including the Hingol National Park – in the year 2002 as a UN Goodwill Ambassador. The name stuck, having evidently appealed to then-current local sensibilities.