Pakka Fort | پکا قلعہ

Posted on January 14, 2023

پکا قلعہ



During Talpur rule over Sindh, Mir Fateh Ali Khan abandoned Khudabad and shifted his capital to Hyderabad in 1789. He used the Hyderabad Fort as a residence and a place in which to hold his court. He added a Haram and other buildings to accommodate the ruling family and his relations. To enable residents to fulfil their religious obligations, he also commissioned the building of mosques. During this period of the Mirs the fort gradually became surrounded by the shabby working-class homes. After defeating the Mirs in the Battle of Miani in 1843, the British occupied the fort. Blasts in the fort, later on, destroyed most of the buildings and houses of the public. In 1857, the British razed most of the remaining buildings to the ground to make room for military accommodation and stores.