Nergola Waterfall | AJK | نرگولا آبشار

Posted on March 7, 2023

نرگولا آبشار

Nergola Waterfall is loacated in Rawalakot at a distance of 120 km from Rawalpindi. it takes t around three hours dirve from rawalpindi.the road is little bumpy but it will refresh you when you will get here. its location is just outside Rawalakot city in a place called mutialmera. There is a guest house located just across the street when you reach Nargola Waterfall. the people can stay in that guest house for the night.thre are also few other guest houses which are within a km of Nargola Waterfall. you have to park your car on main road and walk down the hill for around 15 minutes to reach here. there is small tuc shop which is located on the main road entrance on the path to Nergola Waterfall. you can come here and enjoy the waterfall with beautiful trees , it is situated at the base of the mountain and the road doesnot reach here have to walk for 15 minutes.but it is a enjoyable place, a good downhill walk and then on your way back an uphill walk makes a person refreshing. you can sit by the waterfall and order food .they also serve food at night right next to the waterfall.good place for family and friends to hang can also visit other places in Rawalakot while visiting this fall like banjosa and toli peer.