Mian Yar Muhammad Kalhoro tomb

Posted on February 3, 2023

Mian Yar Muhammad was the first Kalhora ruler of Sindh. After wandering about northern Sindh and Baluchistan upon warlike expeditions, settled down at Khudabad on wresting it from the Panwhars and it was he who gave it that name. He died in 1718 A.D.

The great tomb of Yar Muhammad is situated some little to the west of the jami Masjid in Khudabad is a square massive buildings the front of which is fully decorated with enameled tiles. High up on other three sides of the building are rows of large arched windows fitted with perforated terracotta screens of delicate geometric tracery. Similar windows, upon the front are fitted with perforated glazed tiles.  

The great panel of colored tiles above the entrance is a remarkable piece of work. Nearly ten feet square it is made up of no less than 240 square tiles. The usual way in which these large single pattern are drawn out by the present makers, is by laying the plain tiles out upon the ground, closely packed to the same size as the panel. Then drawing and painting is executed in the pattern as if whole were one flat surface. The large arched panels on either side of the square panel and below it are also manufactured in a very nice way. The great central panel recall, somewhat the great rose windows in Gothic work.