Jamia Masjid Sakina | جامعہ مسجد سکینہ تو الصغری

Posted on January 12, 2023

جامعہ مسجد سکینہ تو الصغری

Sakina tul Sughra mosque is a mosque in Pakistan, located in Kotla Rehm Ali Shah, Jatoi Tehsil, District Muzaffargarh. Kotla Rehm Ali Shah was named after Syed Rehm Ali Shah who constructed a mosque at the same place about 200 years ago. Masjid Sakina tul Sughra founded by Syed Ismail Ahmed Hussain Bokhari, an Interventional Cardiologist in America. Sakina tu Sughra masjid is named after Dr. Bokhari’s mother and aunt. Sughra and Sakeena laid the foundation stone of the new mosque on 31-01-2006.