Baal (waar) Mubarak Rohri | بال مبارک

Posted on January 26, 2023

بال مبارک

This precious relic was brought to Sindh from Istanbul by one Makhdoom Abdul Baki, the son-in-law of Sheikh Nizam-u-ddin, a descendant of Hazrat Abu Bakar, who settled in Rohri and concealed it for some times until its presence was revealed in a dream to Syed Haider Shah of Rohri and Makhdoom Abdul Malik of Dahho. Since then it has been exhibited annually on 9 Zil Haj, the day on which at Mecca the principal ceremonies are celebrated in connection with the annual pilgrimage, but visitors may see it at other times also. It is kept in a small, dark adytum out of which a Minster brings it reverently and lays it on a carved bedstead on which two carpets have been spread. A green robed Saiyid Superintends an attendant waves peacock’s feathers over it and the surrounding faithful cover their mouths and chants prayers or blessings in low tones. A dozen or more silken embroidered cloths are unfolded one after another, until an ark or gold, heavily jeweled is disclosed. It is gift of Mir Ali Murad of Khairpur. At this stage the operator covers his profane hand with a white silk handkerchief and then takes out of the little box, a cube of gold about three inches long studded with fourteen rows of rabies, from the end of which projects the Holy Hair, about a quarter of an inch of light colour. Its appearance is greeted with a murmur of profound reverence. As the box is being unfolded again in its many coverings, some of the by standers offer their rosaries again in its many coverings, some of the by standers offer their rosaries to be rubbed against it. A building about twenty-five feet square was erected in about AH 952 ( AD 1545 ) by Mir Muhammad, the then reigning Kalhora Prince, for the special reception of a Holy Hair.