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Miar Glacier | میار گلیشیئر

میار گلیشیئر Miar Glacier is a glacier that forms in

Location: Miar Glacier

Khurdopin Glacier | خوردوپن گلیشیئر

خوردوپن گلیشیئر Khurdopin Glacier is approximately

Location: Khurdopin Glacier

Shani Glacier

Shani Glacier is a glacier in the north of Shani Peak in Naltar Valley, Pakistan.

Location: Shani Glacier

Panmah Glacier | پانمہ گلیشیئر

پانمہ گلیشیئر Panmah Glacier is a glacier in

Location: Panmah Glacier

Gondokoro Glacier

Gondogoro Glacier or Gondoghoro Glacier is glacier near Concordia in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. It

Location: Gondokoro Glacier

Miragram Glacier

Miragram Gol Glacier is a glacier in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and has an elevation of 4,221 metres.

Location: Miragram Glacier, Pakistan

Bilafond Glacier

Bilafond Glacier is located in Siachen region across Karakoram Range in Pakistan. It is a main

Location: Bilafond Glacier

Chogo Lungma Glacier

Chogo Lungma Glacier is a glacier in the Karakorum mountain ranges in Shigar District of

Location: Chogo Lungma Glacier

Rupal Glacier

Rupal Glacier or Tashain Glacier is a glacier in the Great Himalaya subrange of Himalayas. It starts

Location: Rupal Glacier