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Akra | Bannu | آکرہ

آکرہ Akra is an archaeological site in Bannu, Khyber

Location: Akra, Bannu, Pakistan

Sarai Khola | سرائے کھولہ | Taxila

سرائے کھولہ Sarai Khola is an archaeological site

Location: Sarai Khola Taxila, Pakistan

Sirkap | سرکپ


Sirkap is the

Location: Sirkap Remains, N-125, Taxila, Pakistan

Takht-i-Bahi | تختِ باہی

تختِ باہی

Location: Takht-i-Bahi, Pakistan

Butkara I

The Butkara Stupa is an important Buddhist stupa near Mingora, in the area of Swat, Pakistan. It may

Location: Butkara I, Gul Kada, Gulkada Mingora, Pakistan